Ray Giumentaro is America’s Accountability Coach.  Since the early age of 15, Ray has always known that his calling was to train and inspire people.  Involved in community roles, Ray was quickly known for his willingness to help anyone who asked for it.

Direct out of college, Ray was commissioned as Training Officer for the USAF in charge of working with over 250 cadets on the protocols of the military.

After his time in the military, Ray embarked into the corporate world where he worked in the hospitality industry for 15 years, dealing with a variety of employee and customer interactions.  Ray was well-liked and respected not only for his managerial roles, but also his active role in his community.


With this experience under his belt, Ray decided to pursue his original passion of training and educating. As a corporate exec and trainer, Ray excelled in teaching others how to maximize their result without burning themselves out or becoming chained to their work.  It was during this time that Ray began developing the skills to translate the lessons he had learned about business and relate them those who were either struggling to find their way, or found themselves in a rut.


Coach Ray as he likes to be called, spent another 15 years in the high-stress world of Information Technology.  As a result, Ray can not only teach you what and how to do it, but he has the technical knowledge to show you how you can be more efficient and rely less on your own sweat to achieve the desired result.

Ray has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life in developing the skills and the mindset to not only learn what was needed to achieve what they desired, but also the techniques that allow them to focus on their dreams and achieve the greatness they deserve.


Ray became, America’s Accountability Coach in January of 2009 and said goodbye to Corp America.  He is a certified Life and Business Coach and has a heart as big as anyone in the business.  Ray always speaks from the heart with compassion and empathy.  Its because of his heart coupled with his analytical mind that he has quickly become one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the country.