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urenough : June 13, 2013 11:22 am : Insights

I believe that we are on the cusp of a great enlightenment.

It is well known that as human beings we only use approximately 10% of our brain power.  This being the result of thousands of years of evolution.  Yet, despite some minor advances in technology, there hasn’t been any real evolutionary events in generations.  Still, year after year we see the world become smaller and the challenges become greater.

At some point soon, things will come to a head.  Just like any situation where pressure in continually applied, eventually something has to give.  Its just the way things work.  In life and business, there is always a give and take dynamic that creates energy and uses it just as much.  The problem exists today however, that there is an over abundance of energy consumption.  When this happens, the world as a whole becomes weaker.

The good news is that we have almost enough brain power to reverse this trend and start the healing process.  Today, more so then any other time in history, we have a growing membership of great thinkers and leaders.  However, as in many circumstances throughout history, as we get closer to the light, the darkness exerts its power to thwart us from reaching that next level of consciousness.

I believe that there is an army of warriors of the light that lie dormant among us.  People like you and I who, because of our upbringing, programming and belief system, who do not know about the power that they have…but maybe feel deep inside that they are more than what meets the eye.  These people will be the catalyst for the enlightenment.  I believe that it will be a chain reaction.  As more and more people begin to achieve new levels of understanding, they will convey it to others.  More and more people will act in the best interest of the greater good, and that will inspire more people to seek their own new levels of understanding and harmony.

When the world’s energy is focused on resolutions instead of problems, it will spawn a flood of innovation and inspiration.  New inventions that will change the way we live will emerge and will be available to the masses instead of the top 5%.  People will begin to free themselves of the chains of stress and anxiety once they come to know that they have always had the power to be/do/have whatever their hearts desire.

So, with that said…I believe that everything I do is meant to inspire others to seek out their greatness.  By using the tools and techniques that I share with others, they will be able to obtain a measurable level of success and happiness that they would otherwise not have been able to experience.

Here is the best part.  We are not talking about physical quantum leaps.  I believe that if I can assist others to access just 1% more of their internal power, that we would see exponential growth and progress.  Remember that I started by referencing the fact that we generally use 10% of our power.  Therefore, by accessing just one percent more, we increase our level of understanding by 10%!  In the world in which we live 10% improvement is the difference between war and peace; struggle and fulfillment; strife and ease.  It would truly mean the difference between a world of problems and a universe of possibilities.  Just trying to imagine what things would be like if we could raise our level of consciousness by 10% is as hard as imagining a cure for cancer or a world in without hate.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a result of an overnight shift.  Its a ripple that must be generated somewhere and allowed to spread across the universe.  I am here to start that ripple.  To throw that first pebble into the pool and create the waves of change that can be felt by everyone who comes in contact with it.  I challenge you to place a single finger in the water and allow yourself to be touched by the energy of possibility.  Who knows, perhaps you are one of the warriors that I am searching for.  One of the dormant leaders who have the power and the desire to create a legacy worth leaving.


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