My Birthday Rant – 2013

urenough : June 5, 2013 11:40 am : Insights

The truth about our existence according to me (for what its worth)…

I believe that we are all put here with a common purpose.  Although we each are driven by a singular and personal vision, I believe that because we are all connected through energy and hearts, that we share a common bond and therefore a common purpose.  The concept of “No Man is an Island” becomes increasingly clear as we live our lives and interact with those around us.

If this is true, then the answers to the rest of questions of why we are here, and is there more are all answered.  Our primary objective is not to find out what our singular purpose is, but rather look at what the rest of the world needs, and then use our resources to contribute to the greater goal.  The trick is knowing what you are passionate about, and then find a way to do that to the benefit of others.  This will in fact serve two great purposes.  Your own self-actualization and the overall accomplishment of the bigger picture.

When you take the focus off of yourself and place it on how you can contribute to the success and happiness of others, you are empowered to achieve anything that you can imagine.

Sometimes, your contribution can be just being present for someone.  Or loving or allowing to be loved.  These are things that contribute to the fulfillment of others.  Selfless acts of kindness and compassion are sure ways to help others rise above their present situations and achieve greater levels of happiness and joy.  Creating these emotions in others will ripple out to the masses and inevitable change the course of our realities.  Stop worrying about your own reality.  Decide that you accept nothing but a completely fulfilling reality, and concentrate on seeing others’ accomplishments and you will get your desires 1000 fold.

So again, wandering through life lost and unfulfilled will not contribute to the greater good. It is a result of living a lack-centered existence, and holds you back from enjoying the short time that we spend on this planet.  There are way too many things to be thankful about, and so few people take the time to acknowledge them.

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Today being my 52nd birthday, I want to thank all for their heart-warming wishes and thoughts.  I am truly grateful to you all, and rededicate myself to your success and happiness.  I know that I have lots of work to do to fulfill my end of the bargain, but its a task that I welcome.  Assisting you in your endeavors and challenges is my calling and I want to thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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