urenough : September 17, 2012 5:38 pm : Insights

Stand UP & Stand OUT!

I believe that the world is full of people who have the potential for greatness.  When I say greatness, I am not narrowing it down to one flavor.  There are great business people, great orators, great thinkers, great achievers and great souls!

There are more than enough ‘average’ people out there.  These are the ones that go along to get along.  I believe that the heroes of the world need to stand up and be noticed.  We have long forgotten the days where ‘role models’ was a household term.  We were told by our society that ‘this person’ is what we should aspire to be like.  And we all had our heroes; be they sports figures, religious leaders, business giants, or even your big brother or sister.

Today I fear that we have lost sight of those heroes, partly because we were also taught along the way that ‘good guys finish last’.  That it doesn’t pay to be honest; or even ‘only the good die young’.  These phrases have led us as a society to sit back and watch and wait.  But who are we watching and what are we waiting for?

I believe that we are on the precipice of great change.  The recent downfall of the world economies; the wide-spread corruption of the church as an institution; the continual outbreaks of terrorism and the decline of the family unit; alone pale in comparison to what can occur as a cumulative result of these types of events.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that we are inevitably heading down a disasterous path.  I do believe however, that without some counter punches that our fight for what is good and just will be over before we begin.  If all we do is sit back and let these things just happen or complain about them when they occur, we will not be providing our children and grandchildren a good place which they can start their own future and create their legacy.

I know that that we are all BORN to greatness; yet few ever come to realize this in time to make an impact.

My mission, as it is now clear; is to 1)Find the ‘diamonds in the rough’ 2)Inspire them to acknowledge their power and 3)Give them to tools and techniques to achieve their dreams as quickly as possible…

In this way, I believe that if I can help even 1 more person realize their true power, that it will have a ripple effect that will bring us close to righting the ship.

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