You Don’t Have to Be a Hero…

urenough : April 26, 2013 2:01 pm : Insights

I have a very simple question for you.

“What is holding you back from achieving the success and greatness you desire?”

As a native Massachusetts resident, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the heart, attitude, intelligence and courage of people like Jeff Bauman, survivor and double amputee of the Boston Marathon. In the wake of such a terrible event, it just blows me away how the person who was so close to becoming the 4th fatality of the bombs, became the most unlikely hero of the last 2 weeks.

Success in Spite of Loss

How is it that a young man, having fun with his friends and waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line, has the presence of mind to take notice of someone who he felt didn’t belong in the celebration at the Boston Marathon finish line?  Not only did he take notice, but made a mental picture of the person in his mind’s eye.  How is it, that in spite of the terrible pain and shock of the blast and what it did to his body, Jeff was able to recount that description to authorities even though he couldn’t talk from all the pain he was enduring.  The success of the ensuing manhunt can be almost solely be attributed to his awareness and resolve.  His description led to the pursuit and capture of one and the inevitable death of the other suspect in the bombing.  There has never been a better portrayal of a hero in my lifetime.

What Makes Someone a Hero?

In my eyes, if you act in spite of your fears…you are on the way to being your own personal hero.  The Boston Marathon event makes it clear to me that we all have the seeds of greatness.  But I am telling you that you don’t have to experience something as horrible as that to show how you shine.  There is a great amount of adversity in our daily lives.  The stress and anxiety that comes from trying to stay ahead of the curve and make a difference has never been so challenging.  Yet, every day people show signs of greatness and characteristics of a hero all over the world.  Most of them go un-noticed by the masses, but still these people persist in an effort to leave a legacy that we can be proud of.  It is up to each of us to acknowledge one another and relish the success that they have achieved.  This will undoubtedly help us to become the hero in our lives.  The world needs heros and we need to make it clear that they are appreciated.

Keys to Success

Never feel as though you don’t matter.  The adage that “it takes a village” has never been so true as it is today.  Make a difference in just one person’s life for the better and you have changed the world.  Being a success does not mean that you achieve fame, although it might. It means that you lived your life’s purpose and have stayed true to yourself.  I am here to tell you that there are many heroes out there, and I appreciate you all.  Its through your greatness that I am inspired to help as many people as I can to overcome their feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, and the fears that hold them back in life.



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