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I believe that we are on the cusp of a great enlightenment.

It is well known that as human beings we only use approximately 10% of our brain power.  This being the result of thousands of years of evolution.  Yet, despite some minor advances in technology, there hasn’t been any real evolutionary events in generations.  Still, year after year we see the world become smaller and the challenges become greater.

At some point soon, things will come to a head.  Just like any situation where pressure in continually applied, eventually something has to give.  Its just the way things work.  In life and business, there is always a give and take dynamic that creates energy and uses it just as much.  The problem exists today however, that there is an over abundance of energy consumption.  When this happens, the world as a whole becomes weaker.

The good news is that we have almost enough brain power to reverse this trend and start the healing process.  Today, more so then any other time in history, we have a growing membership of great thinkers and leaders.  However, as in many circumstances throughout history, as we get closer to the light, the darkness exerts its power to thwart us from reaching that next level of consciousness.

I believe that there is an army of warriors of the light that lie dormant among us.  People like you and I who, because of our upbringing, programming and belief system, who do not know about the power that they have…but maybe feel deep inside that they are more than what meets the eye.  These people will be the catalyst for the enlightenment.  I believe that it will be a chain reaction.  As more and more people begin to achieve new levels of understanding, they will convey it to others.  More and more people will act in the best interest of the greater good, and that will inspire more people to seek their own new levels of understanding and harmony.

When the world’s energy is focused on resolutions instead of problems, it will spawn a flood of innovation and inspiration.  New inventions that will change the way we live will emerge and will be available to the masses instead of the top 5%.  People will begin to free themselves of the chains of stress and anxiety once they come to know that they have always had the power to be/do/have whatever their hearts desire.

So, with that said…I believe that everything I do is meant to inspire others to seek out their greatness.  By using the tools and techniques that I share with others, they will be able to obtain a measurable level of success and happiness that they would otherwise not have been able to experience.

Here is the best part.  We are not talking about physical quantum leaps.  I believe that if I can assist others to access just 1% more of their internal power, that we would see exponential growth and progress.  Remember that I started by referencing the fact that we generally use 10% of our power.  Therefore, by accessing just one percent more, we increase our level of understanding by 10%!  In the world in which we live 10% improvement is the difference between war and peace; struggle and fulfillment; strife and ease.  It would truly mean the difference between a world of problems and a universe of possibilities.  Just trying to imagine what things would be like if we could raise our level of consciousness by 10% is as hard as imagining a cure for cancer or a world in without hate.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a result of an overnight shift.  Its a ripple that must be generated somewhere and allowed to spread across the universe.  I am here to start that ripple.  To throw that first pebble into the pool and create the waves of change that can be felt by everyone who comes in contact with it.  I challenge you to place a single finger in the water and allow yourself to be touched by the energy of possibility.  Who knows, perhaps you are one of the warriors that I am searching for.  One of the dormant leaders who have the power and the desire to create a legacy worth leaving.


My Birthday Rant – 2013

The truth about our existence according to me (for what its worth)…

I believe that we are all put here with a common purpose.  Although we each are driven by a singular and personal vision, I believe that because we are all connected through energy and hearts, that we share a common bond and therefore a common purpose.  The concept of “No Man is an Island” becomes increasingly clear as we live our lives and interact with those around us.

If this is true, then the answers to the rest of questions of why we are here, and is there more are all answered.  Our primary objective is not to find out what our singular purpose is, but rather look at what the rest of the world needs, and then use our resources to contribute to the greater goal.  The trick is knowing what you are passionate about, and then find a way to do that to the benefit of others.  This will in fact serve two great purposes.  Your own self-actualization and the overall accomplishment of the bigger picture.

When you take the focus off of yourself and place it on how you can contribute to the success and happiness of others, you are empowered to achieve anything that you can imagine.

Sometimes, your contribution can be just being present for someone.  Or loving or allowing to be loved.  These are things that contribute to the fulfillment of others.  Selfless acts of kindness and compassion are sure ways to help others rise above their present situations and achieve greater levels of happiness and joy.  Creating these emotions in others will ripple out to the masses and inevitable change the course of our realities.  Stop worrying about your own reality.  Decide that you accept nothing but a completely fulfilling reality, and concentrate on seeing others’ accomplishments and you will get your desires 1000 fold.

So again, wandering through life lost and unfulfilled will not contribute to the greater good. It is a result of living a lack-centered existence, and holds you back from enjoying the short time that we spend on this planet.  There are way too many things to be thankful about, and so few people take the time to acknowledge them.

If you would like to discuss this as it pertains to you, then please click on the image on the right to book a free session where we can discuss where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be…and most importantly, how you get there.

Today being my 52nd birthday, I want to thank all for their heart-warming wishes and thoughts.  I am truly grateful to you all, and rededicate myself to your success and happiness.  I know that I have lots of work to do to fulfill my end of the bargain, but its a task that I welcome.  Assisting you in your endeavors and challenges is my calling and I want to thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Procrastination is the #1 Motivation Killer

Procrastination is the #1 Motivation Killer

Tick tock….tick tock….

Procrastination has a very distinct sound as it allows you to focus on the negative thoughts that eat away on your motivations.

That is the sound of your own life passing before your eyes.  Can you hear it?  Many people seem to ignore this very loud sound.  In fact, what they don’t even realize is that it gets louder with each passing day.  The window of opportunity to creating a lifestyle that not only reflects the life which you desire and deserve, but also that which can be passed down to multiple generations.

Why Do I Procrastinate

With each second that you live in a state of disbelief in yourself, you lose precious time to implement a plan that can take you to the level of success and happiness that you desire.  That is where we see the biggest gap.  The reason why people chose to allow procrastination to sneak in, is usually because they do not have an actual plan to implement.

“Nature despises a vacuum.  In the absence of a good plan and the action needed to put it to use, negative limiting beliefs take over and stop you in your tracks.”

Procrastination Statistics

In a recent article, According to Dr. Joseph Ferrari, associate professor of psychology at De Paul University in Chicago and Dr. Timothy Pychyl, associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, “Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators.” The professors also say that procrastination is “not trivial, although as a culture we don’t take it seriously as a problem.”

In a recent survey of 101 DeSales students 95 percent said that procrastination is a problem for a majority of college students. Of these 95 percent, 91 percent believe procrastination is a problem for students at DSU.

In Psychology Today, Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle, albeit a maladaptive one. And it cuts across all domains of their life. They don’t pay bills on time. They miss opportunities for buying tickets to concerts. They don’t cash gift certificates or checks. They file income tax returns late. They leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas eve.

Overcoming Procrastination

In every crisis is an opportunity. So how dow we find the opportunity in procrastinating?  Well, to start with; let’s use the down time that this creates to really reflect on why we choose to delay the important actions and decisions in our lives.  If we can come to understand them, then we will have the information needed to deal with them.

Procrastinators can change their behavior—but doing so consumes a lot of psychic energy. And it doesn’t necessarily mean one feels transformed internally. It can be done with highly structured cognitive behavioral therapy.

The following is a list of additional steps which may help you to deal with your avoidance problems:

  • Extract from the above examples those principles which apply to you. Write them down.
  • Make honest decisions about your work. If you wish to spend only a minimal amount of effort or time on a particular task, admit it–do not allow guilt feelings to interfere with your realization of this fact. Weigh the consequences of various amounts of investment in a project and find the optimal return for your investment. This step exposes intentional reasons for avoiding work. If you have been unintentionally avoiding work, admit to yourself that you do want to achieve certain goals and accept the responsibilities involved in meeting those goals.
  • Work to acquire an adequate understanding of what is necessary to accomplish a task within a given time frame.
  • Distinguish between activities which dramatize your sense of commitment and those which will help you accomplish the task. Devote only that amount of time which is appropriate for each part of a task. Develop an overview of the entire project and visualize the steps that are needed to reach completion.

You Don’t Have to Be a Hero…

I have a very simple question for you.

“What is holding you back from achieving the success and greatness you desire?”

As a native Massachusetts resident, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the heart, attitude, intelligence and courage of people like Jeff Bauman, survivor and double amputee of the Boston Marathon. In the wake of such a terrible event, it just blows me away how the person who was so close to becoming the 4th fatality of the bombs, became the most unlikely hero of the last 2 weeks.

Success in Spite of Loss

How is it that a young man, having fun with his friends and waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line, has the presence of mind to take notice of someone who he felt didn’t belong in the celebration at the Boston Marathon finish line?  Not only did he take notice, but made a mental picture of the person in his mind’s eye.  How is it, that in spite of the terrible pain and shock of the blast and what it did to his body, Jeff was able to recount that description to authorities even though he couldn’t talk from all the pain he was enduring.  The success of the ensuing manhunt can be almost solely be attributed to his awareness and resolve.  His description led to the pursuit and capture of one and the inevitable death of the other suspect in the bombing.  There has never been a better portrayal of a hero in my lifetime.

What Makes Someone a Hero?

In my eyes, if you act in spite of your fears…you are on the way to being your own personal hero.  The Boston Marathon event makes it clear to me that we all have the seeds of greatness.  But I am telling you that you don’t have to experience something as horrible as that to show how you shine.  There is a great amount of adversity in our daily lives.  The stress and anxiety that comes from trying to stay ahead of the curve and make a difference has never been so challenging.  Yet, every day people show signs of greatness and characteristics of a hero all over the world.  Most of them go un-noticed by the masses, but still these people persist in an effort to leave a legacy that we can be proud of.  It is up to each of us to acknowledge one another and relish the success that they have achieved.  This will undoubtedly help us to become the hero in our lives.  The world needs heros and we need to make it clear that they are appreciated.

Keys to Success

Never feel as though you don’t matter.  The adage that “it takes a village” has never been so true as it is today.  Make a difference in just one person’s life for the better and you have changed the world.  Being a success does not mean that you achieve fame, although it might. It means that you lived your life’s purpose and have stayed true to yourself.  I am here to tell you that there are many heroes out there, and I appreciate you all.  Its through your greatness that I am inspired to help as many people as I can to overcome their feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, and the fears that hold them back in life.



Easter Signifies Rebirth

Easter Signifies A Rebirth

Easter, rebirth, Start FreshYou don’t have to be Catholic to understand the significance of Easter.  In the Christian faith, Easter is a holiday that celebrates the rebirth of the Church.  It is a time of reflection and new plans and ideas.  Fresh and innocent as a baby chick or lamb, it is a time of starting fresh and looking forward to great things to come.

Nevertheless, some folks fail to grasp the significance of this time, regardless of their denomination.  When times are tough as they have been, its easy to focus on all of the old and stale experiences that has led us up to today.

Start Fresh and Gain Momentum

So how do you create this fresh start?  It sounds a lot more difficult than the alternative.  That is, doing the same old thing and just complaining that you are no closer to your dreams than you were before.  Unfortunately, most people choose the latter.  Its far easier to complain and blame than it is to take responsibility and make corrections to achieve a different result.

What then is the key to making the evolution occur.  Well, surprisingly enough it has to with another term that is often used in the secular world….faith.  Faith in yourself above everything else is key to accomplishing the largest tasks and overcoming the highest hurdles.  In a biblical parable, it is said that ‘faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains’.  You have to believe!  Once you believe that anything is possible and that you can achieve anything you believe in or have faith in, you can start fresh today and embark on a Start Fresh that is full of promise and hope.

Happy Easter!

In the midst of all the Easter Eggs hunts, other revelry, keep in mind that through this season we find a source of new dreams and desires.  Lofty goals that are aimed to be in the service to others, and not just for personal gain.  One does not acquire the wealth of tomorrow by neglecting the needs of others today.  Instead, find ways to uplift one another.  No man or woman is an island, and everyone needs to be assisted at some time or another.  No one is asking that you die for another, but also remember to be thankful that there are soldiers who are doing exactly that for us as we speak.  Happy Easter and I wish you a rebirth into a prosperous Spring!


Mastering Your Psychology – Step 5

The Psychology of Success

Mastering Your Psychology and Master Your Results

One of things that makes the difference between winning and losing in life and business is your ability to master your own psychology.  There are so many things that get in our way, or try to every day that its easy to get side-tracked and forget why you are doing what you do.

In my 5 part coaching methodolgy, we spend a boat load of time on the art of mastering your own psychology.  This is the part of you that until now you have had little to no control over.  Yet it influences you on a daily basis and sometimes several times per day.

You own psychology or otherwise known as your subconscious mind is forever giving your flawed advise on how to proceed in the face of a new or challenging circumstance.  Its reference points are generally negative and only designed to keep you safe by keeping you in your comfort zone.

Who will win? You or your inner psychology…

Some people would say that they are one in the same.  However, you should know that your subconscious mind is only a filing cabinet and can merely serve up memories of what you experienced in the past.  Usually it will find something that will cause you to refrain from taking a risk, which means that it has little belief in YOU!

As a coaching client, you will learn to transform that situation to one this is in your favor.  That is to say that you will take planned and calculated risks and take action despite what your inner sentry might be trying to relate to you.

So in the end, it is YOU who win the battle.  Controlling your own psychology is the key to making measured success.

In the month of March, I am taking on a select few new clients who have a set of goals or dreams that they are committed to achieving THIS YEAR.  If you or someone you know think that you qualify for that, click this link to book a complimentary Goal Achiever Session that is designed to determine if you have what it takes to do whatever it takes!


Book Yours Now and Master Your Own Psychology


The Laws of the Universe are Working All the Time

The Universe Will Give What Your Thermostat is Set For

I had the great fortune to be associated with T Harv Eker since 2003.  In those 1o years, I have learned countless lessons which I hold as self-evident and timeless.  Among these is the premise that God or the Universe will only deliver to you what it knows that you can handle.  Anything else gets wasted.  The Universe has a way of removing excess in our lives that we are not capable of controlling.

Harv Eker has taught me many things about how the universe works and I am proud to say that his advise is sound and real.  Harv has made molded me and many people into more rounded individuals, productive entrepreneurs and healthy partners for relationships.

T Harv Eker is the founder and lead trainer for Peak Potential Training.  I owe Harv a great deal, and now you can benefit from his teaching through me, as I continue to help people around the world overcome their challenges and obtain incredible growth and results.

Setting Yourself Up for Failure

The problem that I see too many people have, is that they set their goals much higher than their subconscious mind is able to process.  It basically returns a “does not compute” message when it sees the lofty goal.

Setting high goals is great, but it must be joined with a mindset that does not accept failure, and the focus and plan to implement it to its desired conclusion.  Simply saying that you ‘want’ something is like saying you ‘want’ world peace. The universe sees you ‘wish’ and asks. “How do you plan on achieving it?”.  If you just sit around and wait for the Law of Attraction to lay it in your lap, you will be waiting a long time…and what you receive will be short lived.

Understanding the Laws of the Universe

The laws of the universe are constant…that’s why they are called laws.  When you break them, the consequences are never what you want.  It much better to understand and work within the parameters of the laws so that you can have them work in your favor.  Watch the video above, and see what I mean when it comes to acting in alignment with the Laws of the Universe.


It is what it is…

Perception – It is what it is…

What is perception?

By definition, perception is the “physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience”.  The operative word in that definition is interpreted.  The experience that each person has is defined by what their past has shown them.  Because each person uses their own experiences, no two perception are exactly alike.

In order to ensure that your message is understood, its important that you always try to see things through the eyes and mind of the receiver.  It really doesn’t matter what you THINK the meaning is of your words or actions…all that matters is the reality of what the other person’s perception is.

The Pyramid

perception, reality, experienceThe same thing can be said for people’s perspective.  An object can be stationary, and if 4 people are viewing that object from 4 different angles, then the perspective and perception are all different.  Just because you see something as being to the right of you, doesn’t mean that it can’t be to the left of someone else.

The term ‘user experience’ refers to the how others view the same things that you see…only with a more objective perspective.

This, unfortunately is the foundation of many arguments.  The term ‘seeing eye to eye’ is a common expression that describes the inability of two people to see things from the perspective of the other.  This one thing can be the undoing of many a relationship.  Couple have broken up, partnerships have been dissolved and countries have gone to war…all because they were unable or unwilling to see things from another’s point of view.  

Examples Perception is Reality

So, with too many people failing to see beyond their own noses, it becomes imperative that those of who understand that in many things, there is no right and no wrong answer.  Instead, it is someone’s opinion or viewpoint.  To the other person, their perception of the situation is just as real and valid as yours.  It is up to us to extend an olive branch of understanding and acknowledge that we are not always right.  However, that does not mean that our perception is wrong…it just mean that its different. We are all in this together, and everyone’s view is valid.

When you thoughts are clouded by your vision, it paints a dismal picture of what others may see in you.  Tolerance is based on the idea that we can respect what others see and feel and think.  It is not up to us to judge them, rather to understand that we are all different and are entitled to our viewpoints.

Being Open and Receiving

 open, receiving, universe, giving, being open, allowing


How many of your have heard the phrase ‘who do you think you are?’  Or maybe it  was something like, ‘don’t trust anyone”.

Over the course of however long you have been around, you were taught that the one way to ensure that you get hurt is to be open to the world around you.

Not letting the universe in and allowing it to do its magic, is not just hurting you, but actually everything and everyone around you.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How can I be hurting others when I don’t allow anyone to get close me?”  Great question!
So imagine this.  First, take a moment and suspend any preconceived notions you may have about giving and receiving.  Also, just for the sake of this article, imagine that everything is energy.  While this can be explained through science, many people have a problem with believing the concept.  However, the basis of what I am talking about is formed under the assumption that everything is made up of some form of energy.  Remember that energy is a real force, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Yet byproducts of its existence manifest itself in everything we see around us.

The Benefits of Being Open

OK, so here is an example:  First, science shows that our brains are made up of very advanced nerve endings that transmit energy to tell us when something is hot, when to laugh, how to move your fingers, and what the answer to a challenge is.  So to start off, you can see that energy exists within us all the time.  It not only exists in our brains but in every cell of our body too.  Our brains then take those transmissions and turn them into information that we decipher and analyze.  This can be said for our thoughts.  Every moment of our lives, our brains are processing information…even in our sleep.  This information is usually in the form of thoughts.Therefore, thoughts equal energy.
So, if thoughts equal energy then the start of anything you see was formed in energy first.  Next, as you process your thought, it produces a feeling.  This feeling is only felt you internally.  You can project it in the way you act, but the feeling itself is personal to you.  The energy that is produced by your feelings can be often called your ‘ora’.  This ora or energy field can be transmitted or transferred to others as you interact.  That means that your feeling energy affects others both directly and indirectly.
Next, once you analyze your feeling, you then produce actions as a result of those feelings.  These actions can be negative or positive.  But they are almost always directly related to the type of feeling you are experiencing.  So, let’s say that you ‘feel’ a need for something new to complete a task.  Your thought produced a feeling that if you created it, it could help others as well as yourself.  Then you go and build it, (the action).  Your thoughts/energy have now manifested a tangible item.
The item is the result.  The result of your thoughts (energy) have manifested into a ‘thing’. Now imagine that everything that is man-made started as energy.
universe, receiving, openBut what does that have to do with being open?  Well, the thing that you provided the universe is usually from an original thought.  If you are not open to what the universe has to offer, then you may never receive the input that helped to create the thought you had to create something new.  Then you will not build it, and the universe will not benefit from your creativity.  So being open has a direct affect on others around you, as it allows new ideas to flow in and out of you.Face the world with an open hand and an open mind and heart.



 vulnerability, strength, weakness


In today’s world, What are Vulnerabilities?

To get there, we need to start in the past.

Throughout history, the meaning of being vulnerable was that of weakness, the ability to withstand stress and obstacles and downright negative.In medieval times, when a force was looking to attack another, it was common practice to find the enemy’s most vulnerable position in order to gain the largest advantage.  The intended result was to be able vanquish the enemy by overtaking the other by accessing their core through the weakest link.Because of this enigma, society has frowned upon being vulnerable or showing your perceived weakness.  Men are ridiculed and women taken advantage of.  This then turns into the programming that we have come to know throughout our upbringing.  “Men should not cry”, “Never let them see you sweat”, and countless other clichés have been coined to warn us of the impending defeats that come from being vulnerable.  This brings us to where we are today.
 strength, weakness, vulnerability

Vulnerability as a Personal Weakness?

Are you that link? 

Nowhere in the ‘books’ does it say that we are all basically weak creatures, and that we are born to fail.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

We were not put on this earth to struggle and suffer and be taken advantage of.  Our true nature is one of incredible power.  Our minds and hearts together make us the most fantastic creatures on the planet.  Equally cable of both enormous feats of strength as well as unconditional expressions of compassion and love.The problem with today’s perception of what we are meant to do is that we are stymied by our own fear of the unknown and perceived evil.  We are constantly looking over our shoulders and continue to be wary of ‘the other guy’.  Now you have gone out of your way to protect your vulnerability and in turn become distrustful.  As you can see, it’s a negative spiral that causes more pain and anxiety than you had before. Being emotionally vulnerable can be very scary at first.

A Strength in Being Vulnerable

Turning the table on Yourself by gaining Personal Strengths 

When it comes to going beyond the level of confidence and success that we have today, the key is to be authentic.

Many people think that they need to protect what they have, and therefore focus all of

their energy on protection.In the medical world, there is a term called “fight or flight”.  This term refers to the body’s state of being.  It can also be called ‘locked down mode’.  No matter how you phrase it, this condition renders you powerless to do anything beyond the primary directive of protection.While it is important to protect yourself, when you focus all of your attention on that task alone, it prohibits you from growing.In the lock down mode, your very cells lock down their outer structure.  This produces and effect of a cellular blockade.  Nothing can get in and nothing can get out.  From a health perspective, that means that no nutrients can be absorbed and likewise no waste can be emitted.  This is the foundation for disease.So, when you do not allow others to access your true self, you are keeping yourself from experiencing new people and ideas.  Likewise, you also continue to think the way you always have because you are unable to release the thoughts that are trapped within your mental barriers.


The secret to building a strong relationship with yourself and others is to embrace your vulnerability.  When you open yourself up to what is out there, then you truly allow the universe to flow in and out of you.  Something to remember is that the universe is a reciprocal entity.  That means that it not only provides you what you focus on, but it also uses you to provide to others.  But if you remain closed and blocked, the universe can’t use you, and therefore deprives others of what they desire.That is not to say that you should enter the world with complete naivety.  There is certainly forces that would do you harm out there, but if you remain aware of them and not focus on their existence you will be far better off.  Plus, by opening up and embracing your vulnerability you cannot be taken by surprise through it.  Because you are aware of it, you can manage who and what goes in and out of that space.As America’s Accountability Coach, I specialize in working with all kinds of people with a variety of circumstances and help them embrace their vulnerability in order to access their true authentic selves at will.  I invite you to book a complimentary Brain-Power Reboot Session with me and open yourself up to astonishing growth! Book Now at  Its enlightening, painless and caffeine-free!