Riding Out the Storm

Blizzard of 78, Is won't stop you from achieving your goals I was only 16 when the Blizzard of ’78 hit the east coast.  Do you remember what you were doing during the last blizzard?  It was the single most paralyzing storm of my lifetime.  I remember how they were only expecting a couple of inches.  Boy did the weathermen get that on wrong! Still, although there was a state of emergency in the whole New England community, it was we kids who never strayed from our single-minded goal…to have fun! I vividly remember my family and I walking down the I-290 highway and my silly father with his walking stick pretending to be Moses as he stretched out his arms (stick in hand) and held  them out from the overpass near our house as if he was parting the seas, or in this case the drifts.

 What are you allowing to stop you from achieving your Goals and Objectives?

The point is that even in the midst of a natural disaster, it is vital that you maintain your sense of who you are and what you about.  For us at the ages of 16, life was still our oyster and no amount of snow was going to keep ups from fulfilling our perceived destiny.  So is the same with you.  Life is full of pitfalls and obstacles.  A true winner is never defined by those obstacles.  Rarely in the Olympics do you see an athlete give up on their goal once the starting gun sounds.  For them, there is no other alternative than to finish the race.  Regardless of how many hurdles they trip on, how many lengths behind they find themselves, the only picture in their mind is crossing the finish the line.  So how do you define your race?  In the wake of a storm like NEMO that blanketed the Northeast with over 2 feet of snow, what is the foremost thought in your mind?  Are you focused on being buried in snow, or are you thinking about the fun sledding or skiing that will follow?  Framing your circumstances the same way you frame your thoughts will uncover new possibilities that you may never have discovered in the same old way of thinking, which in turn lets you set and achieve greater Life Goals!  As someone who was born and bred in New England, I can say that this amount of snow will greatly revitalize the lakes, ponds, streams, plant life and air we breathe.  Sometimes, you need to think about what the grand goal is of something like NEMO and how it can be perceived differently.  It has been several years since we had enough snow in the winter to set the Spring up for a plentiful harvest.  So just think of all the people and businesses that will benefit from what many people call a natural disaster.  In the long run, the universe knows what is needed most at any given time, and delivers it whether we think we need it or not.  Don’t get hung up on the hype that the media feeds you day in and day out.  

Your goals are yours to achieve!

The world is full of wonders and we should be grateful for them and the blessings they bring.  Make your life full of joy by appreciating what you have today while striving for what you want and dream of.  And remember that no amount of snow or wind or rain should ever keep you from achieving your goals and living your life according to your design.  

In the Moment,

Coach Ray

Your Goal Coach




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