The Psychology of Success

Mastering Your Psychology and Master Your Results

One of things that makes the difference between winning and losing in life and business is your ability to master your own psychology.  There are so many things that get in our way, or try to every day that its easy to get side-tracked and forget why you are doing what you do.

In my 5 part coaching methodolgy, we spend a boat load of time on the art of mastering your own psychology.  This is the part of you that until now you have had little to no control over.  Yet it influences you on a daily basis and sometimes several times per day.

You own psychology or otherwise known as your subconscious mind is forever giving your flawed advise on how to proceed in the face of a new or challenging circumstance.  Its reference points are generally negative and only designed to keep you safe by keeping you in your comfort zone.

Who will win? You or your inner psychology…

Some people would say that they are one in the same.  However, you should know that your subconscious mind is only a filing cabinet and can merely serve up memories of what you experienced in the past.  Usually it will find something that will cause you to refrain from taking a risk, which means that it has little belief in YOU!

As a coaching client, you will learn to transform that situation to one this is in your favor.  That is to say that you will take planned and calculated risks and take action despite what your inner sentry might be trying to relate to you.

So in the end, it is YOU who win the battle.  Controlling your own psychology is the key to making measured success.

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