Being Open and Receiving

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How many of your have heard the phrase ‘who do you think you are?’  Or maybe it  was something like, ‘don’t trust anyone”.

Over the course of however long you have been around, you were taught that the one way to ensure that you get hurt is to be open to the world around you.

Not letting the universe in and allowing it to do its magic, is not just hurting you, but actually everything and everyone around you.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How can I be hurting others when I don’t allow anyone to get close me?”  Great question!
So imagine this.  First, take a moment and suspend any preconceived notions you may have about giving and receiving.  Also, just for the sake of this article, imagine that everything is energy.  While this can be explained through science, many people have a problem with believing the concept.  However, the basis of what I am talking about is formed under the assumption that everything is made up of some form of energy.  Remember that energy is a real force, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Yet byproducts of its existence manifest itself in everything we see around us.

The Benefits of Being Open

OK, so here is an example:  First, science shows that our brains are made up of very advanced nerve endings that transmit energy to tell us when something is hot, when to laugh, how to move your fingers, and what the answer to a challenge is.  So to start off, you can see that energy exists within us all the time.  It not only exists in our brains but in every cell of our body too.  Our brains then take those transmissions and turn them into information that we decipher and analyze.  This can be said for our thoughts.  Every moment of our lives, our brains are processing information…even in our sleep.  This information is usually in the form of thoughts.Therefore, thoughts equal energy.
So, if thoughts equal energy then the start of anything you see was formed in energy first.  Next, as you process your thought, it produces a feeling.  This feeling is only felt you internally.  You can project it in the way you act, but the feeling itself is personal to you.  The energy that is produced by your feelings can be often called your ‘ora’.  This ora or energy field can be transmitted or transferred to others as you interact.  That means that your feeling energy affects others both directly and indirectly.
Next, once you analyze your feeling, you then produce actions as a result of those feelings.  These actions can be negative or positive.  But they are almost always directly related to the type of feeling you are experiencing.  So, let’s say that you ‘feel’ a need for something new to complete a task.  Your thought produced a feeling that if you created it, it could help others as well as yourself.  Then you go and build it, (the action).  Your thoughts/energy have now manifested a tangible item.
The item is the result.  The result of your thoughts (energy) have manifested into a ‘thing’. Now imagine that everything that is man-made started as energy.
universe, receiving, openBut what does that have to do with being open?  Well, the thing that you provided the universe is usually from an original thought.  If you are not open to what the universe has to offer, then you may never receive the input that helped to create the thought you had to create something new.  Then you will not build it, and the universe will not benefit from your creativity.  So being open has a direct affect on others around you, as it allows new ideas to flow in and out of you.Face the world with an open hand and an open mind and heart.




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