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Overwhelmed? Are You Kidding?

Is the feeling of overwhelm real? OK, Let’s get something straight right off the bat. There is no such thing as being overwhelmed.  Sure, you can find it in the dictionary.  But the problem is that the word describes the exact same thing as its predecessor ‘whelm’.

If you look closely, you will find that the word, ‘whelm’ basically describes the result of turning things upside down to cover or conceal it.  It also notes that the result of such an action often leads to disastrous results.

Overwhelmed Definition

However, when you look at the word, ‘overwhelm’; it describes the same action.  The only difference is that some people felt that they needed to exaggerate the feeling that they get when they experience the result of their actions or inactions.


Overwhelm – The Real Truth

So why then does the word even exist?  Well, I believe that in our search for ways of expression our feelings, someone decided that adding ‘over’ to ‘whelm’ somehow makes it more important and profound.  Thus, whenever someone feels like their lives are upside down, then say that they are overwhelmed.  When if you were to look at it literally, it would mean that they had so much going on, that it all somehow worked itself out.  Much like if you capsize a boat, then turn over again…its now right side up.But we live in a world of excuses and rationalizations.  I believe that many people choose to use to the word of overwhelm as an escape from taking action.  When asked why they were not able to complete their task, they will respond that they were ‘overwhelmed’, and therefore unable to take action.  Actually, the majority of time they feel that this is an adequate reason for not taking action.  People sometimes then use it as a crutch through life, and rarely get anything accomplished.  Its even worse than an excuse, because when someone uses the term overwhelmed, it often is inferred that their failure was the fault of an external force or forces.  Somehow, the state of being overwhelmed becomes a condition that has been inflicted on them from others.  This is not only non-supportive and non-productive, but also damaging to their reputation and the confidence or lack of confidence that others have in them in the future.

 Is Overwhelm a Real Feeling?

I would suggest that we remove the word overwhelm from our vocabulary, and take responsibility for our actions or inactions.  Nothing good comes from being in a perceived state of overwhelm.  The real problem arises, when someone uses the term so loosely, that in the event that external requirements do create a sense of confusion or ‘whelm’ that others’ will simply pass it off as just crying wolf.

 Good Feeling

The world has suffered from too many people being in a state of inaction through laziness, fear, indifference and contempt, that is time that we take away the excuses, identify the root causes for our lack of results and work on a solution.  There are many things that can be done in order to avoid this perceived state.  In my Pillars of Prosperity system, we work on organizational skills that allow you to cinch the first Pillar, Organize, and find out how to prioritize your life.  This one pillar can make the difference in reducing and eliminating ‘overwhelm’ as you know it…or think you know it.  Being organized means you have complete control of your input and output.  You can learn more about the Pillars of Prosperity along with how to get your brain back on track with my Brain Power Reboot Session.  Book at complimentary session at http://ur-enough.com/ and remove overwhelm from your list of feelings!




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