Easter Signifies A Rebirth

Easter, rebirth, Start FreshYou don’t have to be Catholic to understand the significance of Easter.  In the Christian faith, Easter is a holiday that celebrates the rebirth of the Church.  It is a time of reflection and new plans and ideas.  Fresh and innocent as a baby chick or lamb, it is a time of starting fresh and looking forward to great things to come.

Nevertheless, some folks fail to grasp the significance of this time, regardless of their denomination.  When times are tough as they have been, its easy to focus on all of the old and stale experiences that has led us up to today.

Start Fresh and Gain Momentum

So how do you create this fresh start?  It sounds a lot more difficult than the alternative.  That is, doing the same old thing and just complaining that you are no closer to your dreams than you were before.  Unfortunately, most people choose the latter.  Its far easier to complain and blame than it is to take responsibility and make corrections to achieve a different result.

What then is the key to making the evolution occur.  Well, surprisingly enough it has to with another term that is often used in the secular world….faith.  Faith in yourself above everything else is key to accomplishing the largest tasks and overcoming the highest hurdles.  In a biblical parable, it is said that ‘faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains’.  You have to believe!  Once you believe that anything is possible and that you can achieve anything you believe in or have faith in, you can start fresh today and embark on a Start Fresh that is full of promise and hope.

Happy Easter!

In the midst of all the Easter Eggs hunts, other revelry, keep in mind that through this season we find a source of new dreams and desires.  Lofty goals that are aimed to be in the service to others, and not just for personal gain.  One does not acquire the wealth of tomorrow by neglecting the needs of others today.  Instead, find ways to uplift one another.  No man or woman is an island, and everyone needs to be assisted at some time or another.  No one is asking that you die for another, but also remember to be thankful that there are soldiers who are doing exactly that for us as we speak.  Happy Easter and I wish you a rebirth into a prosperous Spring!




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