Small Changes Make Huge Difference

Thoughts on Stress Relief and Focus

Its the little things in life that make the difference in them.  If there is one thing that I have learned since I started down the road of personal development (now 10yrs), is that once you understand how to “FRAME” things, you end up with a much better picture when you’re done. There are many ways to get immediate stress relief and thereby put you in a FRAME to make clearer judgements.

For example: Since its invention, the “Alarm Clock” sits next to almost every bedside in households that have access to them.  Whether they are battery operated, plugged in, or wound up; the ‘Alarm Clock’ is one of the most wide spread sources of STRESS out there.  Just imagine…waking up every day, ALARMED!  How sick is that? 

So here is the challenge:  

Create Your Personal Focus and Opportunity CLock!!

Go out and the least expensive (programmable) clock you can.  Then download your favorite inspirational song (It can be anything that gets you head bobbing, your feet stomping and your adrenaline flowing). Then program your radio to play that song when its time to get out of bed!

Step 2 – IGNORE THE SNOOZE BUTTON!  Why would you start the day by procrastinating?  Like I said, the trick to creating a new outlook on life and getting a different/better result is to start by “re-framing” the small stuff.

The small stuff appears in our lives on a daily basis and several times per day.  The big things are much fewer and farther between.  Plus, the way to automatically handle the big changes in your life is to create a supportive habit for taking care of the small ones.  The universe will not even consider presenting a large opportunity to you if it sees that you have trouble with the smaller things.

So imagine, starting your day with focus and the thought that you have an OPPORTUNITY to create, to build, uplift and to support others… this is the fastest way to getting what you dream of.  Being in an attitude of gratitude and service will open more doors than you can imagine.  When you get up in the morning, try looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “How will I help someone today?”  Notice that the word WILL is used suggesting that its only a matter of time each day that you will fulfill this declaration.

So go out today and make a difference in someone else’s life and watch the magic happen.  Once you take the focus off of YOU, and place it on THEM you take ego and selfishness out of the picture and you will experience miracles!

In the Moment,

Coach Ray




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