The Universe Will Give What Your Thermostat is Set For

I had the great fortune to be associated with T Harv Eker since 2003.  In those 1o years, I have learned countless lessons which I hold as self-evident and timeless.  Among these is the premise that God or the Universe will only deliver to you what it knows that you can handle.  Anything else gets wasted.  The Universe has a way of removing excess in our lives that we are not capable of controlling.

Harv Eker has taught me many things about how the universe works and I am proud to say that his advise is sound and real.  Harv has made molded me and many people into more rounded individuals, productive entrepreneurs and healthy partners for relationships.

T Harv Eker is the founder and lead trainer for Peak Potential Training.  I owe Harv a great deal, and now you can benefit from his teaching through me, as I continue to help people around the world overcome their challenges and obtain incredible growth and results.

Setting Yourself Up for Failure

The problem that I see too many people have, is that they set their goals much higher than their subconscious mind is able to process.  It basically returns a “does not compute” message when it sees the lofty goal.

Setting high goals is great, but it must be joined with a mindset that does not accept failure, and the focus and plan to implement it to its desired conclusion.  Simply saying that you ‘want’ something is like saying you ‘want’ world peace. The universe sees you ‘wish’ and asks. “How do you plan on achieving it?”.  If you just sit around and wait for the Law of Attraction to lay it in your lap, you will be waiting a long time…and what you receive will be short lived.

Understanding the Laws of the Universe

The laws of the universe are constant…that’s why they are called laws.  When you break them, the consequences are never what you want.  It much better to understand and work within the parameters of the laws so that you can have them work in your favor.  Watch the video above, and see what I mean when it comes to acting in alignment with the Laws of the Universe.




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