vulnerability, strength, weakness


In today’s world, What are Vulnerabilities?

To get there, we need to start in the past.

Throughout history, the meaning of being vulnerable was that of weakness, the ability to withstand stress and obstacles and downright negative.In medieval times, when a force was looking to attack another, it was common practice to find the enemy’s most vulnerable position in order to gain the largest advantage.  The intended result was to be able vanquish the enemy by overtaking the other by accessing their core through the weakest link.Because of this enigma, society has frowned upon being vulnerable or showing your perceived weakness.  Men are ridiculed and women taken advantage of.  This then turns into the programming that we have come to know throughout our upbringing.  “Men should not cry”, “Never let them see you sweat”, and countless other clichés have been coined to warn us of the impending defeats that come from being vulnerable.  This brings us to where we are today.
 strength, weakness, vulnerability

Vulnerability as a Personal Weakness?

Are you that link? 

Nowhere in the ‘books’ does it say that we are all basically weak creatures, and that we are born to fail.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

We were not put on this earth to struggle and suffer and be taken advantage of.  Our true nature is one of incredible power.  Our minds and hearts together make us the most fantastic creatures on the planet.  Equally cable of both enormous feats of strength as well as unconditional expressions of compassion and love.The problem with today’s perception of what we are meant to do is that we are stymied by our own fear of the unknown and perceived evil.  We are constantly looking over our shoulders and continue to be wary of ‘the other guy’.  Now you have gone out of your way to protect your vulnerability and in turn become distrustful.  As you can see, it’s a negative spiral that causes more pain and anxiety than you had before. Being emotionally vulnerable can be very scary at first.

A Strength in Being Vulnerable

Turning the table on Yourself by gaining Personal Strengths 

When it comes to going beyond the level of confidence and success that we have today, the key is to be authentic.

Many people think that they need to protect what they have, and therefore focus all of

their energy on protection.In the medical world, there is a term called “fight or flight”.  This term refers to the body’s state of being.  It can also be called ‘locked down mode’.  No matter how you phrase it, this condition renders you powerless to do anything beyond the primary directive of protection.While it is important to protect yourself, when you focus all of your attention on that task alone, it prohibits you from growing.In the lock down mode, your very cells lock down their outer structure.  This produces and effect of a cellular blockade.  Nothing can get in and nothing can get out.  From a health perspective, that means that no nutrients can be absorbed and likewise no waste can be emitted.  This is the foundation for disease.So, when you do not allow others to access your true self, you are keeping yourself from experiencing new people and ideas.  Likewise, you also continue to think the way you always have because you are unable to release the thoughts that are trapped within your mental barriers.


The secret to building a strong relationship with yourself and others is to embrace your vulnerability.  When you open yourself up to what is out there, then you truly allow the universe to flow in and out of you.  Something to remember is that the universe is a reciprocal entity.  That means that it not only provides you what you focus on, but it also uses you to provide to others.  But if you remain closed and blocked, the universe can’t use you, and therefore deprives others of what they desire.That is not to say that you should enter the world with complete naivety.  There is certainly forces that would do you harm out there, but if you remain aware of them and not focus on their existence you will be far better off.  Plus, by opening up and embracing your vulnerability you cannot be taken by surprise through it.  Because you are aware of it, you can manage who and what goes in and out of that space.As America’s Accountability Coach, I specialize in working with all kinds of people with a variety of circumstances and help them embrace their vulnerability in order to access their true authentic selves at will.  I invite you to book a complimentary Brain-Power Reboot Session with me and open yourself up to astonishing growth! Book Now at  Its enlightening, painless and caffeine-free!




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